Danielle Shemeld

Danielle Shemeld

Training Centre Manager

Danielle has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Learning & Development with over 20 years of experience leading teams across a range of industries.  Danielle has led successful global L&D initiatives, implemented ‘best ways of working’ whilst always delivering exceptional service.

With an expansive portfolio from leading and delivering international projects to design and delivery of the required solution.  Danielle has driven and implemented IT solutions to ensure they align with the company’s needs and meet the regulatory requirements.

Danielle has a keen eye for detail, continuously reviewing processes whilst establishing client needs in order to deliver the best client experience.

Danielle is a highly regarded professional who demonstrates excellent leadership. She is solution-driven, customer-focused, and possesses excellent communication skills. Danielle utilises her coaching background to support and grow her colleagues’ skills and knowledge to the benefit of the company.

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