BESC: Basic Electrical Safety Competence

Here is everything you need to know about BESC, including important changes in 2020, which have led to the discontinuation of BESC training.

Changes to the BESC AME scheme

Following a recent update to National Grid’s NSI 30 safety document from the 20th January 2020, National Grid will no longer require the EUSR registered BESC AME Assessment as a mandatory requirement for individuals requiring access to National Grid Substations, Underground Cables or Overhead Lines.

In place of this National Grid will be moving their National Grid Person Training and BESC AME assessment into two training courses for Substations and Overhead Line disciplines under the National Grid Electricity Contractors Scheme. These courses are to be run by National Grid themselves at their Eakring Training Academy in Nottinghamshire.

Under the new scheme those with a current BESC:AME will be required, at expiry of their current registration, to undertake the revised National Grid Person’s Course via a computer based test but will not be required to retake a practical assessment.

For those who have not held BESC:AME prior to the 20th January 2020, there will be a face to face Person Training Course with both a computer based test and practical assessment.

Further information about the scheme changes can be found here:

Booking onto the new National Grid Person Training can be done here:

Due to this change in the NSI30 requirements, Electrical Safety UK, from the 20th January 2020, will no longer be providing our robust BESC AME Assessments for contractors and individuals wanting to work on National Grid locations.

ESUK can still provide bespoke Access to Substation training courses for any other situation whether privately owned substation or DNO situated upon request.

Beyond BESC Training & Assessments

It’s not the end for us!
Over the years of providing BESC training and assessment, we have built fantastic relationships with clients such as yourselves. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your custom over the past 15 years and introduce you to our other training services available.

ESUK are experts in undertaking Competency Assessments and making skills recommendation to employers ensuring fully competent and confident employees. ESUK are highly skilled in identifying gaps in knowledge and understanding and recommending the best route to ensure that legal obligations are complied with and employees are given the best opportunity to succeed in their role. BESC courses have been discontinued but there are many other great alternatives for you.

We recommend the following courses:


Others to consider: Bespoke C&G Assured Courses: Practical Arc Flash Risk Assessment, Electrical Principles, Safe Electrical Control Panel Entry, Safe Isolation & Proving Dead, Electrical Duty Holders.

SPA Safety Passports including; Core, Food & Drink, Petrol Retail Forecourt (UKPIA), Mineral Products (MPQC), Core Construction.

And many more bespoke training solutions tailored to your needs… Just ask. Browse our training pages for more courses.


What is BESC-AME? (Basic Electrical Safety Competence Access, Movement and Egress)

BESC-AME stands for Basic Electrical Safety Competence Access, Movement and Egress. The scheme is a practical workplace competency assessment for persons of which a general electrical knowledge is expected when entering, moving around and exiting designated work areas. Three separate standards exist: Substations, Overhead Lines, and Underground Cables.

Basic Electrical Safety Competence shows you can:

  • Safely access, move around and egress a sub-station work area.
  • Comply with Company procedures, health and safety regulations and environmental practices.
  • Identify the risks associated with sub-station apparatus, substation damage and excavation.
  • Use and communicate data and information.
  • Resolve problems effectively and efficiently.