Job Vacancy – Electrical Engineer

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A fantastic opportunity has arisen at Electrical Safety UK Limited – we have a vacancy open for an Electrical Engineer within our busy Consultancy team. Working and developing yourself within a group of highly experienced engineers to deliver high-level quality service to our blue-chip client base. You will work across many areas including Electrical System Studies including detailed Arc Flash studies and Reports, Electrical Safety Management and Competency. Click here for the Job advertisement and further details about Experience and Qualifications: E2 Electrical Engineer JV V2.0 (Advert)

Think you’d like to join our team? Please send your CV & Cover Letter to

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Perform industrial and commercial power system studies including producing schematic diagrams and fault and protection studies which will involve undertaking electrical system design and power system modelling using industry-standard software. This will require carrying out site inspections and data collection on-site.
  • Involvement in activities within Electrical Safety UK Limited requiring elements of Electrical Engineering including Electrical System Studies, Electrical Safety Management and Electrical Software Developments. This involves face to face client interaction and consultancy/advice.
  • Provide support and feedback to the Principal Electrical Engineer and the consultancy team including providing status reports, updates and understanding of basic business requirements.

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