About Us

About Us

Holistic electrical safety management

From its humble beginning in 2004 when owner Mike Frain spotted a niche market for providing practical electrical safety advice & training to fellow engineers.

He set about doing exactly that and soon created many new clients and his reputation spread both within Europe and further afield. Drawing upon his experiences having worked with his local electricity utility contracting division for over 30 years, ESUK has now grown into a thriving consultancy business and its team of Engineers, Project Management & Training coordinators provide the most practical advice and support.

Electrical Safety (UK) Limited merged with Pennine Elec-Tech Limited in May 2016, customers can still rely on the same personal working relationships that they have had in the past and that their service offerings will only grow stronger through this merger. Their goal is to, more efficiently, continue delivering innovative, high-quality electrical consultancy services and training in their current markets.

To accomplish this, they will adhere to the established service roadmaps for their existing services while simultaneously exploring opportunities to provide their clients with additional value in new areas. At ESUK we pride ourselves in being the leaders in the electrical safety industry. From a complete Electrical Safety Management Program to unparalleled services, ESUK offers each of our clients a true business advantage.