Electrical Risk Self Assessment

Electrical Risk Self Assessment

Achieving compliance with legislation such as the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 can be a complex and challenging task.

Whether as an organisation you feel that you fully comply or you are not sure of your current position Electrical Safety UK Limited’s Free Electrical Risk Health Check will provide you with:

  • an insight into your current level of compliance
  • guidance on what the HSE is looking for
  • a plan to achieve compliance without compromising your business

By answering the following 17 questions you will receive a bespoke report that can be used to demonstrate responsible intent with regards to electrical safety and provide a clear vision as to the measures you need to take to achieve compliance.

Following the completion of the electrical risk assessment you will also receive a FREE telephone consultation with one of our Senior Electrical Engineers to discuss your requirements in full and where you may look to seek improvements to Good Practice in Electrical Safety Management.

Fill in a few basic details and the electrical risk assessment will begin automatically: