Arc Flash Management

Arc Flash Safety Management

We have a wealth of experience in the management and risk assessment of Arc Flash in businesses throughout the UK and Europe. Find out more about the danger of arc flash in your business and how we can help to minimise and manage the risk below.

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Why use Electrical Safety UK for your Arc Flash risk assessments?

ESUK provides an unrivalled HOLISTIC APPROACH for the management of the arc flash hazard

One Stop Shop Solutions

ESUK facilitates a Risk Reduction Workshop with Client’s Engineering and HSE.

Our Consultants identify and prioritise Risk Control Measures by attention to a sound targeted strategy to optimise cost/benefit considerations

Influencing the Global Electrical Safety Community

ESUK are at the forefront of electrical safety within the global community. Responsible for over 100 published papers and articles on Arc Flash.

Lead consultant for the DuPont European Arc Guide.

Presentations throughout Europe, Middle East and US IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop on the European Approach.

Jim Phillips (Associate Director, ESUK) is International Chairman of IEC TC 78 Live Working Group, Vice Chair of IEEE 1584 Working Group, Co-Chair & Author of First Draft IEEE 1584.1, Author of the book “Complete Guide to Performing Arc Flash Calculation Studies”.

Experience by clients

ESUK are the UK’s foremost exponent of Arc Flash Technology and carry out a wide range of power system studies across Europe, including short circuit, protection coordination and complex Arc Flash Studies. ESUK have contributed to a wide range of large blue-chip Clients and learnt from their expertise and process in industry sharing BEST PRACTICE.

Experience by market sector from 30 volts DC up to 400,000 volts AC

Power Stations





Power Transmission




Water & Sewage





Public Electrical Power Distribution

Experience by geography

Great Britain

Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland





Czech Republic


Saudi Arabia









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Arc Flash

Managing the risk of Arc Flash

We had an enquiry from Volker Rail, Doncaster to discuss Arc Flash and how to manage the risk of arc flash. Paul Hopton, ESUK Principal Electrical Consultant attended a meeting with some of Volker Rail’s Senior Managers, Engineers and Health and Safety Professionals in Doncaster. This initial consultation was free of charge and Paul took the meeting through the characteristics of arc flash and how the hazard could be minimised and mitigated.

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Honda Racing
Arc Flash

Arc Flash Consultation – DC Calculations

Honda Racing approached Electrical Safety UK, concerned with the Arc Flash Risk associated with their Lithium Ion Batteries. Their concerns involved the multiple cells connected to give a very large battery voltage, the potential short circuit fault current of 1000’s of Amps and the hazards involved with batteries being handled daily at their manufacturing and repair facility in Milton Keynes.

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Xodus Group
Arc Flash

Arc Flash Study and Risk Assessment

ESUK received an enquiry from Xodus Group to discuss arc flash and how to manage the risk of an arc flash on an Offshore Wellhead Platform. Due to the nature of the site and its location, Electrical Safety UK developed a bespoke solution to their requirements to obtain the information required to provide a fixed price proposal for an Arc Flash Study.

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