Jim Phillips

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Vice Chair of IEEE 1584 IEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations.

International Chairman of IEC TC78 – Live Working which is comprised of 42 participating and observer countries.

Steering Committee – IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Research Collaboration.

Technical Committee Member – NFPA 70E

Author of the book: Complete Guide to Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Studies

Is Contributing Editor to Electrical Contractor Magazine

Founder of the internationally known website: www.ArcFlashForum.com

For over 35 years, Jim has been helping tens of thousands of people around the world understand electrical power systems design, safety, theory, and applications. Having taught over 2500 seminars during his career to people from all seven continents (Yes Antarctica is included!), he has developed a reputation for being one of the best trainers and public speakers in the industry.

Jim does not just talk about arc flash and electrical safety – he is part of the development of the arc flash standards! He is also the instructor that has taught other instructors in the industry. Jim is a Vice-Chair of the IEEE 1584 Committee – IEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations. He is the International Chairman of IEC TC78 Live Working, Technical Committee Member of NFPA 70E, Steering Committee Member of IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Research Collaboration and Member of ASTM F18 committee.

Jim literally wrote the book about arc flash studies with his book titled: Complete Guide to Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Studies available from brainfiller.com. He also wrote, “How to Perform an Arc Flash Study in 12 Steps“ published by NFPA.

In addition to being a regular contributor to Electrical Contractor Magazine, he was one of the main contributors to the NEC Digest. He has authored many articles published in Europe and is a speaker at conferences around the world.

Jim has served on many committees such as the Energy Policy Committee in Washington DC. He is a member of IEEE, NFPA, ASTM, ANSI, IEC and many other organizations.

Jim earned a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University. His career began with Square D Company’s Power System Analysis Group where he was responsible for system studies, power system software development and training at their engineering programs.

Later, Jim was in charge of the studies group of the System Protection Section of Ohio Edison Company. He was part of the adjunct faculty for Stark State College where he taught evening classes in electrical power systems.

Jim is a Registered Professional Engineer. with experience that includes everything from planning transmission systems, to design and analysis of industrial, commercial and utility power systems, cogeneration plant design, expert witness and forensic analysis.

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