Arc Flash Conference 2023 – A huge success!

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On Tuesday, 25th April 2023, we hosted a successful conference on Arc Flash, understanding global standards. The conference featured eminent industry experts who shared their knowledge and insights on the topic, including Jim Phillips, Mike Frain, and Paul Hopton. The attendees were from a diverse range of sectors, indicating the widespread interest in the topic.

The conference was well-organized, with a clear schedule and seamless transitions between speakers and sessions. All attendees were engaged and actively participated in the discussions and Q&A sessions, which added to the conference’s overall success.

Jim Phillips, an expert in electrical safety and Arc Flash, spoke about the importance of understanding global standards and regulations. He provided valuable insights on the safety measures that should be taken when working with electrical equipment to prevent Arc Flash incidents. Mike Frain, the founder of ESUK and specialist in electrical safety solutions, shared his knowledge of the latest technology and equipment used to prevent Arc Flash incidents.

Paul Hopton, Director of ESUK and experienced electrical engineer, provided practical advice on implementing safety measures in the workplace. He emphasized the importance of proper training and education for workers who are working with electrical equipment.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for attendees to network and build connections with other professionals. The full-house attendance from across many sectors indicates the widespread interest in Arc Flash. The occasion was a huge success, providing valuable information and insights into the topic and the conversations continue with many delegates requesting meetings with us regarding their individual challenges.

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