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About Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is a university located in Leeds, West Yorkshire with over 25,000 students attending and with campuses in the city centre and in Headingley.

It gained university status in 1992; before this date, it was the Leeds Polytechnic. Changes within the management structure and operational arrangements at Leeds Beckett University meant that the existing safe systems of work were no-longer relevant and a new approach was required to develop relevant safe systems of work that protected the University, its students and the general public.


Principal consultant Paul Hopton visited the site and carried out an initial audit to determine current authorisations, documentation, individual responsibilities, working environment, tools and equipment, design and complexity of electrical systems, communications, and supervision. The new safety rules and supporting procedures were written by Andy Linley and presented to the university subject matter experts.

After a detailed review, the final documents were ratified and issued. Hard copies of the rules were then published into small rugged individual binders that could be carried by Authorised Persons. A condensed ‘Electrical Safety Handbook’ was issued to all staff and contractors, with the safety rules being made available using the universities online facility. Separate training packages aimed at the management team, Authorised Persons and Competent Persons were developed and delivered.

Periodic Review

A three-yearly review of the safety rules is carried out and any alterations or changes updated into the rules. Further refresher training was planned accordingly.

Maintenance Planning Manager at LBU said;

“ESUK have demonstrated their expertise and vast experience in providing electrical safety rules, training and periodic reviews. They aided us in achieving the requirements placed on us by legislation.”

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