Ben Smith

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Ben is a newly graduated Electrical engineer and has started his first job at Electrical Safety UK as a Junior Electrical Engineer.

From a young age, Ben was interested in the electrical/electronic side of things to the point where he chose to take electrical/electronic elective modules at school. In these modules, he learnt the basis of electronics as well as programming. He further continued his studies when he went to university.

He underwent his studies at Sheffield Hallam University for 5 years to complete a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering. During this time he gained experience and knowledge in different areas of both electrical and electronic disciplines.

For his final degree project, Ben worked in a group to design a prototype hyperloop electro-suspension system. This gave Ben teamwork skills as each section of the project needed to come together seamlessly for a successful outcome.

Ben looks forward to learning more about the engineering industry as well as advancing his knowledge of more complex electrical principles.