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Here at Electrical Safety UK, we specialise in providing electrical safety knowledge, equipment, and training for a multitude of electrical hazards. One important aspect of protecting electrical professionals is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety hazards at work such as arc flash. So, let’s take a look at our PPE for electrical professionals.

Workwear PPE

We have partnered with J&K Ross, who provide an extensive range of PPE workwear, including everything from undergarments to fully protective outerwear for a complete solution to Arc Flash protection.

Using the recommended layering approach favoured by J & K Ross, a polo shirt from our ARCBAN range, made from DuPont and Nomex, combined with a Multi-Norm coverall would give you a Protection Value of > 29.9 cal/cm2.

This combination gives you high-level protection and if you wanted to achieve this with one overall you would end up having to wear a single layer of 460 grams/m2. Along with being heavy to wear, it is also going to become quite hot and very uncomfortable.

PPE Handwear For Electrical Professionals

It goes without saying that hands are going to be at most risk of being injured during electrical work, so it is vital that they are given the best available protection.

This range of ArcBan gloves are made from Nomex fibres. These fibres are both heat and flame resistant along with giving protection against an electrical arc.

One important point to make is that arc flash protective gloves are not designed to give protection from electric shocks.

Head And Face PPE For Electrical Workers

Along with the hands, the head and face is the most vulnerable area for damage and injury. PPE head-wear needs to provide sufficient protection if personnel are exposed to an arc flash event, but also flexible enough so as not to restrict movement. Especially when some electrical installation jobs are in small areas without much room for manoeuvre.

One of the most innovative pieces of protective headwear is the E-Man Helmet and Faceshield Class 1.

The E-Man Helmet has a unique CrashBox design. Similar to the crumple zone technology used in some cars, the CrashBox distributes the force of a high impact by the helmet shell as the the remaining energy is directed to the suspension and then to the head of the wearer.

You can see the rest of our excellent range of head and face PPE for electrical workers here.

Lone Worker PPE For Electrical Workers

Another piece of essential protection for electrical workers is a lone worker device. Those working in the electrical installation sector will often find themselves working on their own in remote or unoccupied buildings and construction sites.

We all know that only takes a second for an accident to become potentially fatal and if there is an accident it isn’t always feasible to get out a mobile phone and call for help.

Lone worker devices make getting help a lot easier, with one click an alert is sent to an alarm receiving centre who can listen in to what is happening and take affirmative action.

This could mean contacting an escalation point or alerting the emergency services.

One feature of lone worker devices that could be potentially life-saving is the man down feature.

This kicks in if there is a sudden high impact movement, such as a fall. What is particularly useful about this is that the man down function automatically sends an alert to the alarm receiving centre and isn’t reliant on a user having to do anything.

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