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Mars UK have a number of operations throughout the UK and had identified the need to have common rules that were applied consistently across all sites. Existing procedures, based on the parent company standards were often in conflict with UK and European requirements and differing interpretations had evolved over time.


Electrical Safety UK Ltd were invited to sit on the multi-site steering group and developed a set of electrical safety rules that could be applied consistently across all sites ensuring that a common standard was applied. Electrical Safety UK Ltd also developed a training package that allowed the safety rules to be trained out internally or by preferred training providers. Finally, Electrical Safety UK Ltd developed a competency matrix and assessment process to allow Duty Holders to meet their legal requirements.


Whilst each site had unique issues to overcome they had a common frustration in developing rules that could be applied consistently. As engineers moved from one operation to another, their time would be taken up in reviewing and understanding the rules of that site, this was time that could be better spent elsewhere. There was a major issue with regards to the skill set of operatives at each site, with no comparable measure between operations.

Electrical Safety UK Ltd began by listening to the needs of each site and identifying common aspects of their undertakings. What became apparent at an early stage was that each site had developed their own rules and procedures that were overly complicated and restrictive in their application. Discussion and education then ensued to focus the steering group on the requirements that really mattered and to put individual trivialities to one side. As this evolved, site representatives were able to gain a better understanding of the activities of other operations and best practice that had evolved and could be shared.

From this point, the safety rules could be structured such that they met the needs of all sites and allowed flexibility such that each operation could continue without any major upheaval. The training package and competency assessment support modules enabled sites to move forward, confident in how the safety rules would be communicated and applied.

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