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Course Aims

This course is aimed at those who need a basic understanding of electrical principles and practice. With no entry requirements delegates will be able to develop a basic understanding of what electricity is and how it works.

From circuits design through to technical concepts, this course allows those who excel with theory and those who are practically biased to get the most out of this five day course.

Course Content

  • Module A- What is electricity?
  • Module B- Current, voltage and resistance
  • Module C- Electricity and Magnetism
  • Module D- The Chemical and heating effects of electricity
  • Module E- Power and Energy
  • Module F- Inductors and Capacitors
  • Module G- AC and DC supplies
  • Module H- Generation, storage and conversion of electrical energy
  • Module I- The dangers of electricity
  • Module J- Protective measures
  • Module K- Basic electrical circuits
  • Module L- Common electrical components
  • Module M- Electrical law and regulations
  • Module N- Basic principles of electronics
  • Module O- Wiring systems and standard circuit arrangements
  • Module P- Competency

The course can be extended with a number of bolt-on modules to further advance the delegates understanding of electrical systems.

Upon completion of the course, successful delegates will receive a certificate.

This is an on-demand course, which can also be delivered on site. Please call our sales team for more details.

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