Course Information

Fire Wardens & Fire Marshals Training Course

This course is designed to train company appointed fire wardens and fire marshals to carry out their day-to-day dues efficiently and effectively.
Fire warden and marshals training


0.5 day

Scheduled Dates:

Available on request.

Assessment Method:

Practical Assessment, Assessment Paper


Available on request

Course Aims

The course is both theory and practically biased and focuses on preventing a fire from occurring, ensure a safe means of escape in the event of an alarm or fire, accounting for persons, and liaising with the emergency services and other persons.

Course Content

  • The role of the fire marshal and the fire warden
  • How people react in an emergency- The Station Night Club Disaster
  • The effects of fire on businesses and on people
  • Fire science
  • Preventing fires by controlling sources of ignition
  • Preventing fires by controlling combustible materials
  • Arson
  • Fire precautions- maintaining a safe means of escape
  • Fire precautions- fire safety equipment
  • Actions on hearing the fire alarm
  • Actions on discovering a fire
  • Other types of emergencies

This course includes the correct use of portable fire extinguishers. For companies not wishing to train their employees in basic fire fighting, this element can be removed from the presentation.

This course can be tailored to fit with your company fire procedures and can be adapted to cater for specific fire marshal and warden responsibilities, site-specific evacuation procedures and actions to be taken at the fire assembly point.

Upon completion of the course, successful delegates will receive a certificate.

This is an on-demand course, which can also be delivered on-site. Please call our sales team for more details.

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