Guarding Machinery and Emergency Stop Systems

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Course Aims

This course aims to give delegates an awareness of the requirements for machine guarding and emergency stop systems. It focuses on guarding dangerous parts of machinery and the provision of stop systems to remove danger in an emergency.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course the delegate should;

  • Understand the principle legislation applicable to machine safety
  • Identify the types of injuries that should be guarded against
  • Suggest suitable types of guards for various risks and working practices
  • Recommend inspection and maintenance checks
  • Describe the basic requirements of emergency stop controls

Course Content

  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • Dangerous parts of machinery
  • Removal of danger
  • Isolation and insulation of dangerous parts
  • Fixed Guarding
  • Interlocked guarding
  • Trip Guarding
  • Proximity guarding
  • Guarding through the location of controls
  • Guarding through use of tools
  • Maintenance, clearing and clearance
  • Types of emergency stop controls
  • Local, Global and Zonal Emergency Stop systems
  • PES
  • Brown Stop
  • Reverse or injection braking
  • Dump valves
  • Emergency stop contactors
  • Other pro-active systems
  • Interlinking with other systems

Upon completion of the course, successful delegates will receive a certificate.

This is an on-demand course, which can also be delivered on site. Please call our sales team for more details.

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