Faraday Centre become partners with ESUK

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Established in 1991, The Faraday Centre is renowned for its standards in both High and Low Voltage electrical safety training. They provide training throughout a range of industries varying from domestic through to commercial and industrial. The Faraday Centre provides a wide range of competency based training programmes including:

  • HV and LV Senior Authorised Person,
  • Electrical Protection
  • Access to Electrical Substations and Switchrooms
  • High Voltage Cable Termination and Jointing
  • Wind Farm High Voltage Cable Termination
  • Hybrid Electrical Safety Awareness
  • Electrical Pressure Testing
  • Earth Electrode Testing
  • Transformer Design, Construction , Testing and Maintenance
  • Cable Identification/Spiking

This partnership enables us to continue our Holistic Approach to Electrical Safety Management and we look forward to a symbiotic partnership going forward. Learn more about the Faraday Centre here

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