The 18th Edition…Time To Think About Training?

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The 18th Edition has been with us now for 9 months and since January has been the defacto standard to which all electrical installation work should comply. For those who have remained abreast of amendments 1, 2 and 3 of the 17th Edition, the 18th Edition and its changes should pose little concern.

However, many people last updated their knowledge of BS 7671 when the 17th Edition was first introduced, with little or no updating taking place since they last sat down at a computer to take their exam. For those people, the 18th Edition and the requirements that come with it have some far-reaching and complex implications on the work that they do.

We may be familiar, courtesy of switchgear manufacturers, that consumer units in domestic dwellings must now be made of non-combustible materials or located in a flame-retardant enclosure. Some are even aware of the need to prevent wiring systems from failing prematurely during a fire and obstructing exit and circulation routes. But the requirement for Surge Protection Devices to be fitted, or the need to undertake a documented risk assessment with regards to overvoltage due to atmospheric conditions is often forgotten about. The requirement to provide RCD protection has continued to increase whilst the need to install main protective and supplementary bonding has in some instances been diluted. Many installation electricians and designers continue to recommend and install what they know, rather than what is required. This can result in unnecessary cost, non-compliant installation work and in some instances remedial works having an impact of profitability and reputation.

In the coming months those who apply for or renew their Electrotechnical Certification Scheme Gold Card will find their application rejected if they are unable to demonstrate that they have upskilled to the 18th Edition, and for those who don’t need an ECS card there is still a need to remain informed on what current standards require.

At ESUK we ensure that what we deliver is relevant and offers best value. Our popular City and Guilds 2382-18 course has been refreshed in line with client feedback. We firmly believe that with our highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors our course is one of the most comprehensive on the market to span just 3 days. Our delegates not only gain the qualification that they need, but also come away from the course better informed about the requirements of BS 7671 and how it applies to their work environment. To book your place on our next course click here.

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